"Lohninger shapes an adventurous but accessible session that ideally showcases her voice. Dark and dense as blackberries yet lustrous as pearls, it is a stunning instrument that deserves smart, sympathetic support."
- Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times

"She goes for soul-baring intimacy, the fear of the end of happiness, the shivering premonition in K.D. Lang’s Save Me, the mutilating self doubts in Joni Mitchell’s River, the dark loneliness in Alone Together or the fragile anticipation in the Beatles classic Here There And Everywhere. A minimum of ornamentation, a maximum of subtlety. Lots of good reasons to follow Barth and company and immediately join the Elisabeth-Lohninger-Fanclub."
- Reinhard Koechl, Jazzthing

"Elisabeth Lohninger is a powerful performer and a highly-skilled improviser and composer."
New York Times, USA

"Austrian-American Elisabeth Lohninger is emerging as a major creative force in jazz vocals. ...She is as ready to perform an original composition as a time-honored standard, tossing both off with the same ease Goethe did verse. Her skill as a composer ranks among the best currently recording."
- C. Michael Bailey, All about Jazz

"Songs Of Love And is a stunning work of art that showcases Lohninger from start to finish... Lohninger is nothing short of breathtaking. Her voice is so perfect for jazz that it would be a crime for her to do anything else. .. There's something hard to put your finger on about her, something absolutely full of soul and meaning, that makes her believable and a real pleasure to listen to." (5 stars)
- Abby K. Davis,

"..Lohninger leads the dance throughout with her smoky and direct voice. She is a very impressive musician who can really put the emotions of her music across."
- Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine

"Elisabeth Lohninger is the real thing and despite the fact that she already has a large following in jazz lovers, with this album she is bound to leap to the top of the charts everywhere. This is exceptional musicianship and artistry! Elisabeth Lohninger is the real thing and despite the fact that she already has a large following in jazz lovers, with this album she is bound to leap to the top of the charts everywhere. This is exceptional musicianship and artistry!"
- Grady Harp, Top Ten Reviewer

"Not only does Elisabeth Lohninger present a good repertoire on "Songs of Love and Destruction," but she surrounds herself with a great supporting cast, as well. That mixture makes the album a constant winner."
- Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune

"Elisabeth Lohninger is a superb vocalist...a strong CD by a truly outstanding musician."
- Wolfgang Weitlaner, Concerto Magazin (Austria)

"...Well, here it is, done up throughout with class and sophistication. Lohninger's voice and phrasing are jazzy and cosmopolitan, comforting and exhilarating. She can hold a note, carry a melody, and scat - all as if variously attired in evening gowns and denim ieans. The flames and fameouts of love burn heavy here."
- Bob Gish, Jazz Inside

"With Songs of Love and Destruction she also has announced with grace and originality her deserved place within the broadly defined description of a jazz singer."
- Bill Donaldson,

"Elizabeth Lohninger is one of those remarkable jazz vocalists who not only posesses an innate musicality, but also a gorgeous vocal instrument complimented by superb taste."
- Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, CKLN FM 88.1

"I am seldom captured by a lady vocalist as firmly as I was while listening to the opening bars of Joni Mitchell's "River" as performed by Elisabeth - totally captivating."
- Dick Metcalf,

" inspired scat singer who reworks even the most familiar material so that it sounds fresh."
- Barry Bassis, Town & Village

"Elizabeth Lohninger's selection of covers and originals smolders and percolates at a gentle fever pitch. The originals hold their own against near definitive versions of Joni Mitchell's River and k.d. lang's Save Me (maybe the best cover ever of a k.d.lang song), and Robin and Rainger's If I Should Lose You."

"The record is deeply emotional, deeply significant and Lohninger’s vocal command and control floats this one through to the heavens...She’s both a vocal giant and a smoky club singer...Missing out this vocal jazz conjuror would be, in my view, a mistake."
- Jordan Richardson,

"Beneath Your Surface is, simply put, one of the most satisfying jazz vocal recordings of this year.", USA

"A haunting alto of controlled force... Elisabeth Lohninger has developed her own persona as a singer, unlike that of any other."
Jazz Improv Magazine, USA

"Kein Song, den man weiter drücken müsste, kein Song, der nicht hängen bleibt und seine Aura versprüht." (Not one song you'd want to skip, not one song that doesn't stay with you to spread its aura.", Germany