Singing is a deeply personal experience that varies from one person to the next. No two people are alike. With twenty years of teaching and performing experience, Elisabeth tailors her lessons to the needs of each student. It is important to approach singing as a full-body experience that is not only limited to vocal technique, but explores the singer as a whole person with a physical, mental and spiritual history.

As body, mind and spirit are the instrument, influences from Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga, and McClosky technique inform Elisabeth's teaching approach. As a result your sound will become richer, your voice fuller; your range will increase, as you work on uncovering your very own, unique and personal sound.

Elisabeth is a faculty member at The New School University of Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City, where she teaches Voice, Vocal Performance, Ear Training and Senior Seminar. She also teaches privately in her studio in Hell's Kitchen. She has taught workshops and Master classes in Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Austria and Egypt.

She has studied voice technique with New York voice specialist and speech therapist Kate Baker and holds a Master's Degree in Music Education from the Hochschule Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. She is also an alumn of the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.