One-on-one lessons (60 min):
Elisabeth will work with you one on one in her studio, focusing on vocal technique, any physical issues that might hold you back in your artistic expression, building repertoire, stage presence etc. She also offers vocal coaching in the styles of Jazz, Pop, Rock and R&B.

Upon request she will focus on any one of the following:
Ear Training
Sight Singing for the Studio vocalist
Jazz improvisation, phrasing, repertoire, and harmony
Performance narrative
Microphone technique

Skype lessons (60 min):
In appreciation of busy touring schedules and the farflung home countries of her students Elisabeth is available for Skype lessons upon request.
Group lessons (60 min):
The basics of vocal technique are very suited for a group setting. Elisabeth will guide members of a group class through the anatomical background, options and applications of structural components of the voice, with the visual and aural aid of voice training software.

Coaching in the recording studio:
It is especially important during high pressure situations like a recording session to have a coach present to help you get top results at the studio. Elisabeth is a thoughtful, focused and positive coach who will be there with you every step of the way, whether it be voice technique, moral support or creative feedback.