"When Elisabeth asked me to write a testimonial for her website, I immediately said yes because I am a big believer in her abilities as a teacher. I am a professional opera singer and have been performing for the past 20 years in Europe and especially Germany. I've always been fascinated by jazz and wanted to explore this genre of music with all of its intricacies. I took part in a one week jazz workshop where Elisabeth was one of the teachers. I googled all of the teachers and was especially impressed with her vocal abilities. The way she used her voice, it was obvious to me that she was a versed vocal technician. The workshop was very intense and there were many singers involved with very varying vocal abilities. I was very impressed with Elisabeth's ability to treat each singer individually. She was able to quickly analyse each singers strengths and weaknesses and was quick to give them suggestions and exercises that helped them immediately and immensely. I then decided to ask for a private lesson with Elisabeth. I told her, I was especially interested in working on improvisation, but also very hesitant because of my lack of experience. She gave me some very useful suggestions and exercises I was able to instantly put into practice. Knowing that I am a professional opera singer, she was very careful not to try and get me to completely change my sound, but with some minor adjustments was able to help me achieve a bit more of the vocal quality expected in jazz and pop music. She has my highest recommendation as a vocal teacher."
-Christina Clark, opera singer
"There is nothing more difficult than singing with a cold, especially the kind of virus that attacks the voice box. In an hourlong session Elisabeth Lohninger gave me some amazingly helpful vocal exercises that took my voice from having about 1 octave range left from a horrible cold, to being able to perform a concert with no one knowing I was battling a cold. I have since recommended her to singer friends who have had the same result. She's a vocalist's treasure!!"
-Audrey Martells, vocalist, songwriter, actor
"Elisabeth Lohninger is a life saver, a voice and tone locator and a soul opener. I love her approach and her attention to a vocalist's individual strengths and vulnerabilities."
-Morley Shanti-Kamen, singer-songwriter, educator

"Nicht jede gute Saengerin ist auch eine gute Lehrerin. Elisabeth Lohninger ist eine wunderbare Saengerin und eine fantastische Lehrerin. Das durfte ich zwei Wochen bei "Jazz in Hellazz" erleben und bewundern. Zwei Wochen hat sie im September 2017 unsere Vocal-Workshops am Pilion gerockt - es war ein Vergnuegen, ihr dabei zuzusehen. Elisabeth kann sich sehr schnell auf die einzelnen Saengerinnen und Saenger einstellen. Sie hat jeden Teilnehmer - egal auf welchem Niveau er oder sie sich befand - gefordert und gefoerdert. Und hat mit ihrer Kompetenz und ihrem Humor alle mitgerissen und begeistert."

English Translation:
"Not every good vocalist is also a good teacher. Elisabeth Lohninger is a wonderful vocalist and a fantastic teacher. I had the privilege to marvel at her teaching during two weeks of "Jazz in Hellazz". For two weeks in September 2017 she rocked our vocal workshops on the Pilion - and it was a joy to watch her work. Elisabeth has the ability to adjust very quickly to the individual vocalists. She challenged and encouraged each participant - no matter their level. And with her competence and humor she captivated and inspired everybody."
-Andrea Vernier, founder and organizer - Jazz in Hellazz
"Elisabeth Lohninger Delivers!

When it comes to singing, Elisabeth knows the subtleties that transform a good voice into a great voice! Elisabeth graciously tempers her teaching with her vast professional experience and very own talent. To be her student is to not only learn how to be a better vocalist, but to discover all those pesky habits that without her keen eye may otherwise get in the way of reaching your full potential. Without hesitation, I recommend Elisabeth Lohninger to any vocalist that is serious about their career, no matter their level."
-Dalea Rundbladh
Vocalist, Symphonic Rock Dalea Music
"I am so fortunate to have studied privately with Elisabeth. Her vocal work is precise, organic and kinesthetic. Her in depth understanding of vocal production really helped me take my voice to the next level and made a huge difference in my tonality. Her guidance in song selection and musical interpretation has also helped me greatly. She has a wonderful ability to tailor her teaching to what I needed which changed from lesson to lesson. I truly appreciated her genuine approach in this matter. In addition to Elisabeth's teaching, her vast experience as a vocalist, musician and composer also inspired me. I gained valuable insight from her as a performer and I've always admired her original style and how she stays true to it. This influence of hers I still carry today. Lastly, it should be mentioned that Elisabeth is a warm, inviting person...someone you just like to be around. Thanks Elisabeth for helping me grow as a vocalist, musician and artist."
-Hana Moon, vocalist/actor
"Moving forward I will always have Elisabeth present at vocal sessions with artists I work with. I would also suggest they study with her ahead of time. I can't believe the difference her direction and presence at the last vocal recording session made to the artist and myself! The artist was overjoyed as was I. I would never have been able to draw that kind of performance out of her myself. Elisabeth's style is direct and professional but what is most striking is how nurturing and supportive she is at the same time. She's awesome."
-Jeff McErlain, Guitarist/Producer
  "Elisabeth is incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive, and fun to be around. I genuinely enjoy every lesson, and I marvel at the progress I've made in a year. She's very flexible in terms of learning approach, musical style, and lesson medium. I couldn't ask for a better instructor."
-Francis Chen, Engineer/Artist